Project Management

Real estate adventures without worries: our expertise, your success!

Real estate projects are inherently time-consuming, complex and fraught with risk. At Amstelius, we see those challenges as opportunities for an adventurous journey to success. With our in-depth knowledge, expert support and innovative products, we translate your policy and strategy into concrete and achievable plans. From the very first idea to the festive delivery, we take the lead and ensure that each project is realized within the set framework.

Our experienced project managers are by your side, ready to offer expert advice on every aspect of your real estate project. We not only manage the various phases of the project, but also take full responsibility for its successful completion. Team, time and budget are our focus, with the goal of a result that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

Project management Van der Valk Amsterdam-Amstel

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Collaboration, key to success for optimal results!

At Amstelius, we believe in the power of collaboration. Good cooperation between project partners is not only of great importance, but it is the key to the best and most lasting results.

With the necessary expertise and dedication, we ensure that your real estate project is completed as agreed and as desired. But our adventure does not stop at completion. We constantly monitor how what we have built together can be managed and operated efficiently and sustainably for continued optimal results.

Whether you are an investor, developer, landlord or tenant, we offer expert advice for project management in the development, renovation or fit-out of real estate in all sectors. Your success is our goal, and we strive to make every project another beautiful adventure that you can proudly embrace.

Project Support

Our project managers regularly supervise small renovations, construction projects or structural and/or installation modifications to buildings in connection with the expansion, upgrading, preservation of a building and/or the new design of your business premises.

The turnkey delivery of real estate projects is becoming increasingly complex. Legislation and regulations (e.g. Building Regulations, Health and Safety regulations) but also tenants are making more demands on the layout and furnishing. To guide these completion projects in the right direction, we take the lead. During the entire process we accompany both the tenants and the building owner, from design to realization and aftercare.

In the process, we also take the entire building permit process off your hands, allowing you to concentrate on your core tasks.


Renovation, transformations or new construction

With our multidisciplinary team of experts, we also supervise larger renovations, transformations or new construction of real estate projects. We are also involved in new construction and transformation projects as a consultant or technical developer to provide technical advice on architectural, installation or sustainability issues. In the latter case, as a sustainability consultant, we monitor the intended sustainability ambition for the project and the implementation of sustainability measures to achieve the intended objectives.

We have the necessary development and management experience that is important for the various aspects involved in the (re)development of real estate projects. From initiation phase to aftercare; Amstelius will gladly take all the care out of your hands.


Co-creation of your dream development

Even if you want to realize your own dream building, and you do not have sufficient expertise or capacity to do so, you can come to Amstelius. Many clients engage Amstelius as delegated developer for the entire project or subprojects.

We help you with co-creation in (re)development projects and concept development to make dreams come true together. In that case we undertake together and Amstelius also has a risk-bearing role. In that case Amstelius invests its knowledge, experience and time in a project in exchange for participation. Read more about this in the themes below.


Project management renovation and redevelopment ATRIUM Amsterdam

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Nearly zero energy Hotel Breeze Amsterdam

Co-creation | development

Spaarnwoude Park Hotel, Velsen-Zuid

Development | co-creation | concept development | strategic advice | legal advice | project management | technical advice | installation advice | installation design E+W | sustainability | certification | GPR-Gebouw | BENG | MPG

A'DAM Tower, Amsterdam

Technical due diligence (TDD) | property management | multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP)