Energy label

Do you intend to rent or sell a commercial building? It is then mandatory to hand over an EPA-U Certificate, better known as an energy label. Engaging in a new rental contract with an existing tenant? The label is obligatory in this case too. An energy label is valid for 10 years after registration. We can help you, quickly and efficiently, to obtain and register the label. In addition to our regular online options, we can also handle time-sensitive applications.


The government wants all buildings to be in possession of an energy label that indicates the degree to which the building is energy-efficient. The government can stimulate building owners through energy labels to take energy-saving measures. You are obliged to be able to display an energy label that indicates the range of potential energy-saving measures. Examples are investing in double glazing, a better heating unit or roof insulation. An energy label is required for buildings with (a combination of) the following user functions:

  • Shared business premises
  • Office, Retail and/or Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Education
  • Sport
  • Meeting and/or Lodging


Amstelius is certified in accordance with the BRL 9500 standard for registering and signing out energy labels for utilities and other facilities. Meanwhile, we have provided more than 1,000 buildings with an energy label. We can act quickly and efficiently on the basis of this substantial experience, and can also handle time-sensitive applications.

The EPA-U certificate (energy label) indicates the energy performance of your commercial building. The energetic quality of the building is displayed on the certificate. Amstelius offers the most competitive market rates and can typically draw up an energy label within a few business days.

Legislation for the EPA-U certificate specifically for retail space was amended in 2015. We can now draw up a pre-use label for your retail space as opposed to the traditional REPA-U label. Retail is mostly rented as a shell-state building, whereby the owner of the premises has no direct impact on either the installations or the label. Legislation subsequently matches this situation by presenting the ‘Pre-use energy label’. Only flat-rate value is applied to the installation components.

We would be happy to provide you with tailor-made advice as part of a detailed energy-savings plan. Would you like to see the kind of sustainability measures you could take? Then the ‘Customised Energy Recommendation’ is something you should consider. This recommendation follows from extensive research into your energy household, costs and savings opportunities. This recommendation typically leads quickly to a healthy return on investment: in many cases, the payback period of these energy-saving measures is no longer than a couple of years. The Environmental Act decrees that office tenants who consume more than 50,000 kilowatt hours of electricity or 25,000 m3 of gas are obliged to assume energy-saving measures with a payback period of five years or less.

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