Demand for sustainable buildings has grown substantially in the Netherlands. These buildings contribute to the climate targets by saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions.

The BREEAM certification stands for ‘Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method’ and is a DGBC measuring instrument for assessing the sustainability of buildings. BREEAM was developed in 1991 by the Centre for Sustainable Construction, part of the English Building Research Establishment Global (BRE Global England). BREEAM-NL is the Dutch version. In the Netherlands, BREEAM is the most common certification trajectory for monitoring energy performance.



BREEAM is the instrument used to integrally measure and assess the sustainability of new buildings, existing buildings, areas and demolition projects. BREEAM focuses on offices, schools, stores, industrial buildings and housing.

BREEAM is an assessment methodology that determines s building’s sustainability performance. The method consists of four different certifications:

  • BREEAM-NL New buildings and Renovation*
  • BREEAM-NL In-Use**
  • BREEAM-NL Area Development
  • BREEAM-NL Demolition and Disassembly

*(deviating requirements apply for specific buildings such as datacentres and bespoke buildings that come into consideration for a customised BREEAM trajectory)
**(for management and use of existing buildings)

The points system works as follows: the more points, the more sustainable. A building collects a total valuation score of pass, good, very good, excellent or outstanding (1-5 stars). The points, so-called credits, are earned on the basis of burden of proof. This is collected in the course of research into areas such as water, ecology, energy and waste. Recommendations emanate from these research projects, that can make the design of a building or location more sustainable.



Buildings that are both sustainably designed and operated differentiate themselves by their future-proof status and experience the advantages that accompany verifiable added value, including:

      • Higher rental revenues, value and return on investment
      • Longer lifespan
      • Subsidy opportunities
      • Potential green funding
      • Lower operating costs (related to maintenance and energy)
      • Less environmental impact thanks to lower energy consumption, use of renewable energy sources and CO2 reduction
      • A comfortable and healthy indoor climate, subsequent lower absenteeism and higher output
      • Higher rental satisfaction
      • Transparent and measurable sustainability ambitions
      • Sustainably ‘green’ image linked to a tenant’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy
      • Independent international certification



Our BREEAM experts use the thinking behind BREEAM to convert your sustainability ambition into specific, measurable, sustainable objectives and remove the burden for you of making it happen. The package of measures can be directly applied. Our specialists have the necessary know-how and practical experience at their fingertips to help you in a structural way to achieve your BREEAM credits.



Commissioning is a phased process, targeted at the quality management and performance assurance of installations, and applies to both new buildings and existing construction. In the event of retrocommissioning, a commissioning manager will check to see if the installations within a building continue to comply with the requirements as established in the past. This means that the working of the installations is carefully checked by inspecting the:

    • Installation design
    • Installation execution
    • Certification reports and/or calculations



BREEAM is not the only building sustainability certification used in the Netherlands. We are also familiar with the Energy Label (EPA), the EPC standard, Green Calc, GPR-Building, Eco-Quantum and LEED. The DGBC strives to achieve harmonisation with the other systems. The energy label and the EPC are legally binding and meanwhile fully integrated in BREEAM.
What is your sustainability ambition? We would be delighted to enter into conversation with you to discuss the possibilities and realise your objectives.