Oranje-Nassau Barracks, Amsterdam

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  • Oranje Nassaukazerne, Sarphatistraat Amsterdam
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National monument built by Napoleon

The Oranje-Nassau Barracks is a former barracks on Sarphatistraat in the center of Amsterdam, along the Singelgracht, opposite Artis. The early-19th-century classicist-style building was built in 1813 by order of Napoleon.

The building has a continuous façade wall 278 meters long. It is 16 meters deep and has 50-centimeter-thick walls. 3300 piles were used for it. Halfway up the facade is a large pediment with the coat of arms of the House of Orange-Nassau.

Over the years, this national monument has been used for infantry groups, inspection of soldiers and even as an enclosure for animals from ARTIS.

The building has been designated a national monument since 1970. The barracks were converted into an apartment and business complex in 1990. Today, some 17 companies are located in the plinth and 190 apartments are rented out through Woonstichting Lieven de Key. The apartments are located on Sarphatistraat as well as on Kazernestraat, Louise Wentstraat and Ir. Jakoba Mulderplein. An underpass was also added at that time, in the middle.

Of the other military buildings built on the barracks grounds after 1813, only the kitchen building and office building remain.


Amstelius is responsible for the VvE management on behalf of the Owner's Association consisting of Woonstichting Lieven de Key and Heerenstede Vastgoed. Part of the VvE management are the administrative and technical property management. For this, Amstelius has drawn up a multi-year maintenance plan and we supervise the Subsidy for Conservation of National Monuments (SIM subsidy).


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Sound property management is a requirement for a properly functioning Owners' Association (VvE) of buildings. This includes keeping careful records, financial planning, preparing a multi-year maintenance plan and performing all necessary maintenance. Good and regular maintenance reduces costs and risk of damage, while a reserve fund and multi-year maintenance plan ensure financial stability and timely major maintenance. We offer professional VvE management for building owners and real estate investors of commercial properties.



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