Owners’ Association Management

As a building owner or property investor, you are in favour of a properly-functioning and financially-healthy Owners’ Association (VvE). In a well-organised Owners’ Association, business is carefully taken of – and that includes administration, insurance and a multi-year maintenance plan. We would be happy to take care of your Owners’ Association management.


Maintenance is an important way to control the costs incurred by an Owners’ Association. Diligent and regular maintenance means that component parts last longer and the risk of consequential damage is reduced. Less wear-and-tear and lower maintenance costs is what it’s all about.


Owners’ Associations are legally required to earmark resources in a reserve fund for ‘costs other than thestandard running costs.’This means that there are always funds available for heavy maintenance.The multi-year maintenance plan presents the anticipated maintenance expenses. Once the maintenance costs are disclosed, it is important to reserve the necessary funds. In a nutshell: a bureaucratic headache!

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