Property management

Both broad knowledge and expertise are required to manage your property. A portfolio manager has various roles. He acts as advisor to owners of buildings or investors and service provider for (potential) tenants or end-users. He manages the buildings and the contracts of suppliers or maintenance firms. Maintains contact with stakeholders, including residents and the authorities. Our seasoned portfolio managers possess the knowledge – from a financial, construction and technical installation perspective – required for high-quality property management. Your real estate is in a safe pair of hands. Our pro-active approach sharpens our focus in the area of:

    • Property management for building owners

As a property investor, you wish to maximise value creation and mitigate risk. In order to do so, satisfied, creditworthy tenants are needed with multi-year rental agreements or flexible tenancy contracts with a high occupancy rate. Our committed and professional portfolio managers help you to achieve this goal.

    • Property management for end-users

Tenants and end-users of commercial immovable assets can contact us for a tailor-made service package for contract management or portfolio management. We can help you to formulate your housing strategy. We can also advise you with respect to innovative utilisation concepts or an inspiring working environment.


Are you looking for commercial, administrative, technical or sustainable property management? We provide total peace of mind and work from the basis of a fundamental service package customised to requirements and supplemented by optional services. Our property management service package consists of:

A crystal-clear rental strategy and satisfied tenants
Satisfied and creditworthy tenants with multi-year rental agreements or flexible tenancy contracts with a high occupancy rate for responsible risk-spreading and constant rental revenues enhance the value of your property. Together with you we chart a crystal-clear rental strategy including single or multi-tenant rental, positioning, rental conditions, choice or estate agent etc. and supervise the rental process, rental pricing, contract terms and expiry dates.

Detailed insight into your rental revenues and service costs
Detailed insight into your rental revenues and the operating costs of your portfolio is indispensable to determining your return on investment. We take care of integral contract management and the administration of your rental and service costs and even the entire financial administration with our portfolio management system. Agreements are carefully recorded in this system, and we monitor your rental and service cost administration with all due care.

Careful maintenance of property valuable beyond its price
Careful maintenanceensures that your property retains its value going forward. That also applies to the immediate vicinity and the green areas. We coordinate daily, preventive and remedial maintenance. In addition to the ongoing control of the technical condition of your property, we prepare a maintenance forecast every year.

Healthy, green buildings and sustainable entrepreneurship
Sustainable operationmakes your portfolio investments future-proof. It ensures value retention and is a favourable financing fundamental. Many tenants are actively committed to sustainability and are more than happy to associatethemselves with sustainable (office) housing. Sustainable property management is part of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and is all about energy consumption, CO2 emission and organisational ethics.

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