Solar energy

Entrepreneurs and public institutions can make a substantial contribution to an energy-neutral society and thereby to a sustainable future. One of the drivers of sustainable entrepreneurship is generation of solar energy. This can be done on your own roof and even without personal investment. Solar energy can be converted to electricity. The electricity generated can be allocated for personal use. Nowadays, sustainable property is highly valued by users, tenants and financial institutions. This positively impacts tenant satisfaction and the value of the property. It also makes a compelling contribution towards a sustainable future. The sword is double-edged!


We can absorb the development, funding, placement and operation of photovoltaic systems ourselves. And operate the photovoltaic system for 15 years on your behalf, based on EDSCO, the Energy Service Company. This makes it possible as a building owner to outsource energy provision and the associated functional and maintenance management to a third party such as Amstelius.

The user pays the rental fee for use of the photovoltaic system predominantly from the energy saved. This in turn has a positive impact on tenant satisfaction and the value of the building. Users, tenants and financial institutions value sustainable property highly, and because both the property owner and the tenant benefit from this, the so-called split-incentive dilemma is resolved.

SDE+ Subsidy

Companies and institutions that wish to produce renewable energy with solar panels can make use of the SDE+ arrangement. This subsidy for Stimulation Sustainable Energy production (SDE+) has been brought into being because the cost price of sustainable energy is higher than that of grey energy.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs stimulates the development of sustainable energy in the Netherlands with the help of the SDE+ subsidy. This subsidy compensates part of the difference in cost price between sustainable energy (green power) and grey energy (grey power) over a 15-year period. The level of subsidy is therefore dependent amongst others on the annual amount of sustainable energy produced and the base price for grey energy.

We can apply for an SDE+ subsidy on your behalf. Once it has been granted, we can also take care of the development, funding, placement, operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic system.

The work we will be carrying out can best be split into three phases:


We will apply for an SDE+ subsidy on your behalf. To do this, we will develop a non-binding indicative proposal. On the basis of this proposal, a reliable estimate can be made of the anticipated revenues and costs of the photovoltaic system.

Should the SDE+ subsidy be granted, we will draft a business case for the development and funding through to the operation and maintenance of the photovoltaic system. Prior to that, we commission external parties to assess the bearing strength and the lifespan of the roof. We also map the number of solar panels to be placed, the funding options, insurance and maintenance of the photovoltaic system.

In Phase 3, we transition to the realisation of the photovoltaic system. We take care of the funding, procure the appliance and ensure it is installed on the roof to our satisfaction. As of that moment, you will be generating your own green power from your very own roof!


Have you already applied for the SDE+ subsidy on your own – and had it allocated – but not yet used it to realise a photovoltaic system to drive your solar panels? Amstelius can help you achieve this step too: the development, funding, placement, operation. insurance and maintenance of your photovoltaic system.
We will operate the installation for the 15-year duration of the SDE+ subsidy on the basis of an ESCO. We ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the installation during the term. You yourself do not need to invest in the photovoltaic installation. You as user of the location can pay the rent for the use of this installation for the greater part from the energy savings. The rationale is that you need less grey power because the photovoltaic system generates its own power.
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