Total sustainability advisory services

Clear sustainability plan at strategic, tactical and operational level
A Complete Sustainability Advice is a concrete sustainability plan for your real estate. Based on the EPA-U Custom Advice and your Long-Term Maintenance Plan (MJOP), we set clear goals and the step-by-step plan at strategic, tactical and operational level. With this you will at least achieve an energy label A and increase the value of your real estate.

A Complete Sustainability Advice has the following components:

  • Strategic, tactical and operational
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Sustainable Multi-year Maintenance Plan (SMJOP)
  • Investment and return
  • Commercial
  • Comfort & health

We determine the integral sustainability strategy in consultation. For this purpose we make an inventory of your investment vision, rental and CSR strategies and the housing strategy of your tenant(s). We also look at the location, the complex and the spatial conditions.

The possible sustainability measures have already been analyzed in an EPA-U Custom Advice. Based on this report and the principles of the trias energetics, we determine the correct mix of structural and/or installation-technical sustainability measures to reach an energy label A.

The EPA-U Custom Advice contains the investment costs and payback times of the energy-saving measures. We translate this into the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). In this way the costs throughout the entire life cycle of the structural and technical installation elements become clear.

Sustainability measures are processed in a Sustainable Multi-year Maintenance Planning (DMJOP). This plan shows how and when label jumps are made and gives direction to periodic, preventive and corrective maintenance. Based on an existing MJOP and a visual inspection, we determine the natural replacement moment for the structural and installation technical elements to be made sustainable. We take into account the technical and / or financial lifespan of the systems and commercial principles, such as the expiry of lease agreements.

All investment and maintenance costs required for the sustainability measures are included in an investment plan. It contains the indicative financial and social returns (Total Value of Ownership), the payback periods and the subsidies or forms of financing. With this plan a (green) financing can be applied for and the costs and benefits of sustainability can be shared between tenant and landlord.

Based on the sustainability measures and the various forms of financing you will be presented with a number of options to be able to make agreements with your tenant(s) about the distribution of the costs and revenues of sustainability (split incentive). We mention the beneficial effects of sustainability measures, such as the expected comfort improvements, higher labor productivity, lower absenteeism and an improved image of the complex, in line with the CSR/ CSR policy of your tenants. We make this visible through an artist impression. Visualizing sustainability contributes to a better image and more positive experience of your tenant(s)/ users and new prospective tenant(s).

In many buildings, tenants experience climate complaints. It is useful to identify potential complaints and to include them in the development of sustainability solutions. Additional research can be done into the indoor climate, for example by measuring CO2, particulate matter, temperature or air humidity. Within our advice we also state how climate complaints can be resolved.

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