You naturally wish that the (technical) installations in your property are as sustainable and user-friendly as possible and that they lead to the creation of a healthy working environment. As owner or supervisor, we want to give you peace of mind. Amstelius lives this philosophy by making building installations more sustainable – from design to management – by providing consultancy services and supporting research. All for a healthy living environment and an optimal return on investment.



Our engineers advise clients about the choice of installation concept. With the help of a clear presentation of the advantages and disadvantages and the investment and operating costs, we help the client to make the right choice. The installation concept can then be comprehensively extrapolated by our specialists into tender-ready reports. Amstelius experts can also simply function as sparring partner within a construction team. Capable supervision during the execution phase guarantees a good result without unexpected supplementary costs.

All necessary technical drawings and calculations are made on your behalf. From a quick sketch to a fully 3D technical drawing, or from a pipeline calculation right through to a complete building simulation.

Amstelius is certified to issue labels for accommodation and utility construction, for both new and existing buildings.

That is a good start, but the real consultancy begins only by the advice about improvement of this certification. As of 2023, all offices should be in possession of a C label at the very least. And many offices are some way off achieving that mark. We compile an optimal package of measures to realise the desire label enhancement. We take into account the natural moment for the substitution of installations and make optimal use of subsidy opportunities. If you wish, we can also take care of the subsidy application for offices and housing accommodation.

We offer EPC calculations for new building projects and an E new building label can be linked to this. Tenants can charge extra rent so long as the accommodation satisfies certain conditions with regard to energy efficiency. We carry out the required EPV calculations professionally and efficiently.

Last but not least we work regularly on buildings that opt for a sustainability certificate such as GPR or BREEAM. Various projects have been awarded the ‘excellent’ and even the ‘’outstanding’ certificate.

We have at our disposal extensive measuring apparatus in order to analyse complex problems within technical installations or to ensure that the necessary supporting evidence for certification is forthcoming. Our options include:

  • Infra-red measurements
  • Blower control
  • Noise measurements
  • Datalogging of temperature, humidity and CO2
  • Light measurements
  • Air measurements

Amstelius specialises in drawing up comprehensive multi-year maintenance plans. This ensures reliable installation with very little unforeseen downtime. The multi-year maintenance plan can also be used to set out on the road to a more sustainable building. A multi-year maintenance plan is developed right after the zero measurement. We work on the basis of the NEN2767 condition measurement. Depending on customer requirements, we propose a time horizon of potentially 10-20 years. The information can also be used for due diligence purposes.

Would you like to get to meet us? Make an appointment with Amstelius; our team is on stand-by.