The property market is dynamic and continuously developing. Sustainability, circular economy and innovative technologies are trends prompting change.

Demands are being placed by government, financial institutions and tenants, aimed at creating sustainable property.

Circular construction leads to climate-proof construction by closing organic and technological close-loop cycles. Waste becomes food and the ingredients for new products.

Digital technology in the construction sector enables the market to initially realise projects virtually before being built in practice. The leads to cost savings due to more efficient construction, fewer costs for failure and CO2 reduction.

Another trend is the demand for smart buildings that provide insight into user behaviour, the indoor climate comfort and the (energy) performance. These insights generate value creation, because high-quality, tailor-made buildings can be realised in which people love to live and work.

Een andere tendens is de vraag naar smart buildings die inzicht geven in het gedrag van gebruikers, het comfort van het binnenklimaat en de (energie)prestaties. Die inzichten zorgen voor waardecreatie, omdat daarmee hoge kwaliteit maatwerk gebouwen kunnen worden gerealiseerd waarin mensen graag verblijven, wonen en werken.


This calls for property specialists who can seize an opportunity yet recognize a pitfall. We have an expansive service package at our disposal and have clustered all specialisms under one roof. Our experts are experienced, well-educated and driven to deliver valuable solutions for our clients. Our high-quality and sustainable solutions reduce the stress of property investors, developers and users of assets at a strategic, tactical and operational level, quickly and personably.

Amstelius is a progressive and energetic organisation in constant flux. We are convinced that by creating an inspiring and challenging working environment as well as investing in the well-being of our people, we can deliver better performance and that all adds to the satisfaction of our clients. In addition, we invest continuously in our employees and their knowledge base by offering them new courses and workshops to further expand their know-how.

Applying the latest innovative technologies in our service provision results in smarter and more efficient ways of working. This implies that our employees can free up time to address complex portfolio issues. Furthermore, our multi-year experience and broad knowledge ensure we understand complex issues quickly and comprehensively as well as prepare us for incisive and problem-solving action.

We also have the ingenuity to think creatively and ‘out of the box’ whereby ideas can be rapidly developed and realised.

This gives us the energy that makes our team go the extra mile, whereby unique solutions become apparent that offer our clients added value.

The various disciplines within our organisation work together pro-actively, whereby we are able to integrate complementary services as far as possible. This synergy ensures that we can offer integral, smart and innovative service packages in the various areas of expertise at our disposal, varying from investment management to asset / property management, co-creation, sustainability consultancy and technical installation advice.

We have a passion for innovation and follow developments in the market from close by. Our business development is constantly focused on research and seamless solutions that can contribute to raising the quality of our service provision to clients.

We believe in long-term partnership with our clients based on mutual trust and confidence. We listen closely to customer requirements and share knowledge and personal contacts to get to know one another. We build our sustainable relationships step by step and relish in the success that partnership and mutual trust can deliver.


We wish to offer our clients peace of mind by providing valuable and creative solutions aimed at building comfortable and healthy buildings with a sustainable return on investment.

Societal developments with impact:

The European Union climate targets / (the EU Paris Agreement / ‘theworldunites tofightclimatechange’)
(Bron: )

UN Sustainable Development Goals | ‘The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all’

A plan of action for the world
The Sustainable Development Goals were introduced by the United Nations in 2015 and are as such an excellent vehicle to drive the pace of change. They represent a plan of action whereby the earth and our society should be in better health come 2030. Targets have been formulated for problems that are crucial to personal and sustainable development, chief amongst them the burning issues of poverty, hunger and climate change as well as gender neutrality, clean water and sanitary facilities plus responsible consumption and production.
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Our chief corporate objectives are the following:

  • Corporate social responsibility, in other words striving for a higher corporate return on investment based on commitment to the world around us and a forward-looking vision to achieve a sustainable society with the right balance between health, environmental, economic and social interests (Articles of Association – Amstelius)
  • Promoting the sustainable use of immovable assets (Articles of Association – Amstelius)
  • Promoting an integral approach to energy (including energy-saving measures such as the generation and storage of renewable energy), the creation of a comfortable and healthy indoor climate, the application of innovative and sustainable technologies (Articles of Association – Amstelius)
  • Pro-active promotion of the energy transition from scarce fossil fuels to sustainable energy sources by applying renewable energy sources (Articles of Association – Amstelius)
  • Promote sustainability without surrendering quality and comfort by promoting energy-saving measures, renewable energy sources, circular economy, CO2 reduction
  • Deliver high-quality service
  • Offer smart and innovative solutions
  • Deliver integral and complementary service packages
  • Promote technological innovation
  • Act as a reliable partner whereby integrity is top of mind
  • Share knowledge and stimulate the demonstration of educational projects (Articles of Association – Amstelius)


As professionals we believe it is essential to be reliable and to deliver solid performance. Our core values are:

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Professional
  • Customer oriented
  • Know-how
  • Partnership
  • Independent


It is important that assignments are aligned with the DNA of our organisation. For that reason, the following values are important to us in the execution of these assignments:

  • Working with pleasure and delivering on our promise
  • Working with passion, that gives us energy
  • Working for solid clients who appreciate us
  • Working on challenging assignments to stimulate reflection and development
  • Working to contribute to a healthy financial operating result